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Danube Cycle Path

The Danube cycle path is said to be Europe's best known and most loved bike trip. It starts in Passau, Germany near the Austrian border and continues for 230 miles to Vienna. There are bikes paths almost all the way, and there is usually a choice of being on the north or south bank of the river. All along the way there are delightful small towns, placid scenery, castles on the hills, monasteries, and excursions into woods and farm country. You can also choose to ride from Vienna to Budapest

We have partnered with Eurocycle Radriesen, a well established tour operator in Austria. We can offer you the same prices they offer by booking with Montrose Travel.   In some cases we can offer free or discounted rates for group travel. There are tours geared for all ages and abilities. You will find working with a local European tour operator will cost you far less than a US based operator and they are much more in touch with the local culture.

We have personally biked along the Danube and can give you excellent feedback on what to expect

Click on any of the tours listed below for a detailed brochure. The prices given are in euro dollars, so contact us for detailed information and pricing

Danube Cycle Path "Athletic"

Danube Cycle Path "Classic"

Danube Cycle Path "Light"

Danube Cycle Path "Bike and Relax"

Danube Cycle Path "Linz-Vienna"

Danube Cycle Path- Vienna to Budapest

Danube Cycle Path "Hungarian Rhapsody"

Danube Cycle Path "Danube Experience in 6 Nights"

Danube Cycle Path "Hungarian Danube Spa and Bike"

2 -day-extension Vienna- Bratislavia

3-day-extension Vienna- Bratslavia