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There is no experience quite like pedaling along some of the most picturesque places in the world on two wheels. While admiring all the sights, you are also getting a great aerobic experience. bike tours can offer the experience of a lifetime, or as the creator of this website has found, a whole new lease on life. I have pedaled over 35,000 miles in the past seven years in some of the most beautiful places in the world which is pretty impressive considering that I have had rheumatoid arthritis for the past twenty five years and the fact that I am also a senior citizen. I have discovered the joy and life changing benefit of cycle touring and am offering you the resources on this site so you can enjoy the ride as much as I have.

I am an independent contractor with Montrose Travel, a full service travel agency and can handle all your booking requirements with the confidence of an agency with 50 years of experience. 

There are bicycle tours for all ages and abilities, in almost every corner of the world. Bike tours through Europe are especially fun and if you would like to travel with a congenial group or friends in your local bike club, we can help you put together a custom tour. If you are an individual looking to travel with a group, we can possibly match up with compatable travelers.

We can find you week long tours for as little as $700 or as much as $5000 for 5 star luxury. Organize a group of friends and you can go free or at a greatly reduced rate.

Tour operators we represent include:

Avalon Waterways
Abercrombie and Kent
Ciclismo Classico
Duvine Adventures
Austin Lehman Aventures
Viking River Cruises
Gap Adventures
Trek Travel

By booking through us we can not only offer you the published rates, but can often negotiate extra incentives as well as arrange your transportation.

Fill out the 
contact form or give me a call at 714-609-0468 and let's get your bicycle rolling. 

Biker Bob


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